Newlink Business Park

Extension proposals

Design and landscaping

Creating a development that is sensitive to its surroundings is incredibly important. The proposed building will therefore incorporate a design that reflects the colour tones of the existing site, helping it to blend into what is already there. At low level, the building will feature deep greens, echoing existing landscaping features such as hedgerows and trees. This will continue up the building to lighter greens and finally white, echoing the sky.


Service areas will be screened by the proposed building and will be orientated towards the existing Currys PC World buildings nearby.


While the proposed building will, at 18m in height, be slightly taller than those already on the site, it will stand approximately one third of a mile away from the nearest residential property in Coddington. At that distance, the visual impact of the new building will be negligible. Coddington, overall, also benefits from a robust tree line to the north, which will provide a natural visual buffer when looking towards the site.


The development will benefit from enhanced landscaping, including the planting of around 70 new trees, to improve biodiversity, habitat creation and visual amenity. The attenuation pond, which will primarily be used as part of the site’s drainage system, will feature a variety of wetland plants, which will contribute towards the site’s ecology and habitat creation.


The pedestrian footpath and cycleway will be improved and extended through and around the site and then link up to the existing public footpath into Coddington. Part of the work to enhance the pedestrian footpath and cycleway will be to improve the route’s visual merit through further tree and shrub planting. Thorough design and landscaping plans will be submitted as part of the planning application.